August 04, 2008

Shocking Discovery From TiVo

Just when you think market researchers can't get any stupider, they exceed expectations.

Last week PowerWatch -- Tivo's audience measurement service -- made this startling announcement: Consumers are more likely to watch commercials that are relevant to them.

You gotta be kidding!

TiVo actually studied 20,000 of their subscribers to figure this one out. I could have studied an egg salad sandwich and told them the same thing.
The amazing part is, they issued a press release on this as if it was some kind of research breakthrough. Listen to this pretentious baloney from one of their clients:
...PowerWatch client Starcom agrees. "New viewing behaviors revealed by correlations between household demographic, product category and ad fast-forwarding shows that ...effective message delivery can help make an ad resonate more"
In case your wondering what that pompous bullshit means, it means people watch stuff they're interested in.

Go figure.

But Wait, There's More:
This isn't the first idiotic study to verify the breathtakingly obvious. Believe it or not, there was another study released last April, that lasted 16 months, to prove the same thing. See Imagine What They Could Have Found If They Had 17 Months and Morons And Their Money.

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