August 13, 2008

ADWEEK Shatters World Baloney Record

With the Olympic Games in full swing, ADWEEK has won a TAC Gold Medal by breaking the indoor record for impenetrable, incomprehensible drivel (a demonstration sport) with a piece called Beyond Integration.

In this article we learn...
"If it's true that the medium is the message, then it follows that the media experience is the brand. "
Uh, really? How does that follow? And, also -- just as an aside -- what the fuck does it mean?

We also get the full complement of brand babble, including, but not limited to:
"...brand integration"
"...brand expectations"
"...brand experience"
"...brand advocates"
"...brand relevancy"
"...brand meaning"
"...branded content"
"...brand message"
And, as if we were not already gagging on this bullshit, it urges us to practice a new form of abstruse nonsense called "brand holism."

I'd like to suggest another term for it -- "ass holism."

Couldn't help myself.

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