August 07, 2008

Why Fallon Is Untrustworthy

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony is pondering whether to give the global ad assignment for its Bravia brand of flat panel televisions to Fallon.

Fallon has done a wonderful job of making Bravia a success with great advertising (see spot below.) So what's the problem?

Well, Fallon may not be big enough to really fuck this thing up.

You see, super-size knuckleheads really like to hang with other super-size knuckleheads. And according to the Journal, Sony's afraid that Fallon's not inter-galactic enough.

Apparently, to screw something like this up, you really need to go out and find yourself an agency that's internationally stupid. When you're smart instead of huge, you just can't be trusted.

And One More Thing:

Any client foolish enough to believe the bullshit about global agencies giving them "integrated services throughout their worldwide network" needs a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Anyone who's worked at one of these worldwide monstrosities knows that not only do the offices not cooperate, they go out of their way to fuck each other. Been there, done that.

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