August 19, 2008

Would TV Please Die Already

A smart guy named Alan Wolk who writes a blog called The Toad Stool had a post a few days ago called "Kids Still Love TV."

To amplify that a little, not only do kids still love tv, the rest of us do, too.

People with low reading comprehension -- and online maniacs who can't stand the idea of people using any medium other than their precious web -- read the hysterical reports in the press about the major networks losing share, and think that means everyone has stopped watching television.

Just to set the record straight, since the year 2000, when all this "tv is dead" bullshit started appearing, tv viewing is up 7%.

According to the TvB/Neilsen Custom 2008 Media study, (through calendar year 2007), the average American household watched 8 hours and 14 minutes of tv per day in 2007, compared to 7 hours and 39 minutes in 2000. (For a little perspective, when has an American household spent 8 hours and 14 minutes a day doing anything?)

To give yourself a sense of how mesmerized the press (The People Who Always Get It Wrong) are with the "death of tv" storyline, trying finding the +7% fact in the press somewhere.

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