August 12, 2008

The Jargon Factory

Here at TAC Global Headquarters, there are some things we just can't abide. Heading the list are hypocrisy, jargon, and pizza with chicken or leafy vegetables.

Today we're going to jettison some jargon. A good place to start is "The Conversation."

Are you sick of "The Conversation?" Do you want to take the next moron who says it and wring his fucking neck? Take a hammer to his long tail?

Good. I can see we're on the same page here.

So what we're going to do is replace this buzzword with a buzzword of our own. You see, cliches and buzzwords are horrible if they're someone else's. But if they're our own -- what the hell -- we're special.

The new buzzword for online "conversations" is going to be "G2G". Here's how it came about.

My funny -- and frequently annoying -- business partner, Sharon Krinsky, walked into my office the other day and saw me writing.
HER: Waddaya doin'?

ME: Writing.

HER: Your fucking blog?

ME: Yeah.


ME: Huh?


ME: What do you mean?

HER: Geek-to-Geek

And so, here at TAC Global, "G2G" has become a happy buzzword for social media

It's simple, it's descriptive, and best of all, it's accurate.

Yes, I know g2g means "gotta go" in IM maniac language, but that's lower case. This is upper case.

Makes all the difference.

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