August 15, 2008

How Advertising Really Works

Someone at our agency, let's call him Joe, has a good friend who's a creative director at another agency, let's call him Tom.

Tom's agency won a very prestigious planning award for the account Tom is creative director on.

Joe congratulated Tom on the campaign and on winning the award. Tom laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" asked Joe.

Tom replied, "I never had a single conversation with the planner."

This is a true story.

Mad Man

TAC has officially had just about enough of Mad Men mania.

Everyone pay attention here for a minute. It didn't really happen. It's a TV show, okay? It's all made up.

I wasn't there, but I guarantee you everyone wasn't drinking and screwing every minute of every day. It was a bunch of pathetic weasels trying to make a living -- just like us.

Everybody got that?

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