August 08, 2008

When Bad Things Happen to Good Campaigns

If you want to screw up a good campaign, take a terrific character and turn him into a pitch man: Exhibit 1:

The Better Blogger

TAC wrote a piece last week called The Bitter Blogger in which he railed against bloggers who did not include The Ad Contrarian on their blog rolls.

Attentive reader The Denver Egotist noticed that TAC himself does not have a blog roll. To atone for this, TAC would now like to acknowledge those wise and gentle bloggers who include TAC on their blog rolls -- Dear Jane Sample, AdPulp, thegirlRiot, Timothy Coote, Fabio, James Hipkin, DeepTechDive.

These are not the sniveling weasels I was talking about. These are delightful, charming people who deserve your attention.

Teen Commitment

Every young person in America is committed to saving the planet, unless it requires taking a bus or turning off a light.

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