August 20, 2008

"Worldwide No Blogging Week"

It is both agreeable and welcome that from time to time each citizen of this noisy and fretful planet just shuts the fuck up.

There is, perhaps, no group to whom this principle more suitably applies than the Royal and Ancient Society of Blowhards -- otherwise known as "bloggers."

Consequently, I am suggesting that bloggers throughout the world recognize and acknowledge this fact by shutting it down from August 25th through September 1st.

We will call it Worldwide No Blogging Week.

Imagine seven days of blog-free living. Voices will be lowered. Opinions will be softened. Antagonisms will evaporate. Peace and civility will obtain. It will be like Christmas, except without the reindeer.

And, besides, no one's around anyway.

Bloggers, please join me in observing Worldwide No Blogging Week, August 25 - September 1. Non-bloggers, do your part by not reading any blogs that week.

But How Will Society Survive Without Our Bullshit?
Not to worry. There's a political convention that week. There will be more than enough bullshit to go around.

I Want To Do More, How Can I Help?

Contact three bloggers. Tell them about Worldwide No Blogging Week. Ask them to do likewise. It'll be like a pyramid scheme. Except without the reindeer.

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