September 30, 2008

Twitters Never Win. Winners Never Twit.

Okay, I tried it.

Now my fair and balanced analysis: Twitter is the biggest, stupidest fucking waste of time since Cats.

How intelligent people can possibly squander their precious hours on Earth reading about how other people are about to get their drapes dry cleaned or their colons scoped is beyond comprehension.

It is a commentary on the nature of our age that we have to resort to such insubstantial means of conversing.

"Social media" is about the worst possible description for Twitter. The interactions are not social in any way. They are mostly anonymous, mechanical, and studied. If that's not the opposite of social, I don't know what is.

I'm out.

Having Said That...
My thanks to the twits who helped me with this experiment. Don't take my criticism personally -- I play golf and there's no more idiotic waste of time than that.

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