September 24, 2008

I Am A Twit

I believe that social media is one big circle jerk.

I am convinced that the same people read this blog every day. I am certain this is true of all blogs and social sites -- the only difference is the size of the circle and the vigor of the jerks.

Along those lines, those who follow TAC know that I have had very harsh words for people who Twitter. (See "How The Narcissistic Keep In Touch With The Feckless.")

However, here at Ad Contrarian Global Headquarters, we like to think of ourselves as fair -- cruel, but fair.

So I have decided to give Twitter a try for a while. Then I will report back. Here's my Twitter address:

Let's do it.

TAC Award of Merit the first person who can source "he was a cruel man, but fair". No Googling.

Coming Soon:
The Crisis of Advertising, Part 4: The Brain Drain

And Speaking Of Twits:

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