September 25, 2008

Ad Agency Nuclear Waste

Our agency has about 100 people. It's pretty big by independent agency standards, but tiny by global agency standards.

One thing I love about our agency is that my partners have developed their own morality about our business. One aspect of this is that they take particular interest in protecting the people who work for us.

People have left good jobs to come to work for us. Some have moved across the country. They work hard. We have a responsibility to these people to manage the company prudently and responsibly and protect them and their families to the best of our ability.

Yesterday, we concluded our annual management meeting. After two days of meetings, in anticipation of the economic shit-storm that's about to hit the ad industry, we were able to cut almost 1/2 million dollars of unnecessary expenses from our budget. For a company our size, this is big. Naturally, we hope the economy stabilizes and our business continues to grow. However, if the tide of shit hits, this will save a lot of jobs.

The thing that shocked me was that when we went through every expense item in our budget, we found that we spend almost $10,000 a year on bottled water. I almost had a stroke. Water comes out of the fucking tap for free.

Now here's the point.

If a little shit-ass company like ours can piss away $10,000 a year on water, can you imagine how much money the overfed fuckwits at AIG, Bear Stearns, etc. must have wasted on their fleets of private jets and the rest of their corporate bullshit? And how many jobless people are now suffering for having financed their arrogance and selfishness?

Just one more thing.

Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama -- please spare me your righteous indignation. You weren't indignant when these guys were making nice returns for you on your personal investments. You weren't indignant when you were sucking their dicks for campaign contributions. Where were you aristocratic senators when all this shit was going on? At least Palin has an excuse. She was up at the fucking north pole cooking fucking mooseburgers.

Where the fuck were you two?

Calling All Twits:
Now that I'm among you, I need help. I know nothing of Twitter etiquette. Am I supposed to follow the people who follow me? Is it an insult not to?

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