September 08, 2008

Amazingly, Alarmingly Clueless

When it comes to campaign strategy, the Democrats are amazingly, alarmingly clueless.

In the midst of what could turn out to be the worst economy since the depression; in the midst of a hugely unpopular war; against the most unpopular head of state since Louis XVI; with a tremendously attractive and charismatic candidate, the Democrats still have a good chance of blowing the presidential election.

As Alan Wolk has pointed out here and here, the Republicans have been way ahead of the Democrats strategically.

Here are some unsolicited strategic thoughts for the Obama campaign that are no doubt worth every cent you paid for them.
1. You need a single, simple, specific example of "change" and you need to pound it. Bring the troops home in 6 months? 10% tax cut across the board? Free iPhones for everyone? Something concrete. Not a litany of philosophical hoo-hah, a single, simple, specific example.

2. You better get the Hollywood crowd to shut their stupid fucking mouths. The more these overfed morons rag on McCain and Palin, the more they alienate the people you need. The Republican strategy is "Us vs The Elite." Get it?

3. Do not play softball with Sarah Palin. She needs to be treated like any other candidate. Sending Hillary and other female surrogates out to criticize her is a stupid idea that will not work. It makes you look effete. You've got to show some balls and go after her yourself. You made a big mistake not making Hillary the veep candidate. It's too late to count on her now.
The Big Losers:
The big losers last week were the media. Their treatment of Sarah Palin was condescending, sexist, and shameful. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Sally Quinn say that at some point Palin is going to have to choose between family or country. Would she ever say that about a man? Regardless of your personal feelings about Palin, you have to be disgusted at this type of Neanderthal sexism.

In a poll taken late last week, an astounding 51% of Americans thought "most reporters are trying to hurt her (Palin's) campaign."

Biggest loser was CNN whose sneering, accusatory tone toward Palin was evident even to liberal commentators like
the excellent Media Curmudgeon, Charlie Warner:
"A new low point in cable news occurred this week with the focus on Sarah Palin’s family issues. Even after Barack Obama correctly and firmly said that family matters should be kept out of political coverage, cable news bloviators, like the gossip junkies they are, couldn’t help themselves. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, as usual, was the worst offender."
This adds firepower to the "Us vs The Elite" message of Republicans. It will cost CNN thousands of independent viewers. The unfair part is that it will also cost Obama -- who was terrific on this subject -- thousands of votes.

Also Obnoxious:
The other side of the coin: Fox's breathless boosterism of Palin.

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