September 29, 2008

Copywriters Are Smarter Than Economists

At its heart, advertising is the art of giving people a reason to prefer a product when there is no reason.

Call me cynical.

The principal underlying this definition is that human beings are not logic machines. Their decisions are always emotional. Even when they utilize logic, they use it as one component of what is ultimately an emotional decision.

Copywriters understand this. Economists don't. Economists think people behave rationally.

The Parade Of Hypocrisy...
is breathtaking to behold.
  • Politicians, who for years jockeyed for position to kiss the asses of fat-boy financial ceo's and ride in their corporate jets, are now throwing them to the wolves.
  • The media, whose ceo's and news readers are some of the galaxy's biggest overfed corporate aristocrats, are wringing their hands over corporate avarice.
  • And the gluttonous public, who lined up to buy houses and cars they couldn't afford with someone else's money, are vilifying the greed of Wall Street.
The More They Owe You, The More They Own You
If someone owes you ten bucks, who cares if he goes broke? If he owes you a million bucks, you can't afford to let him go broke.

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