September 10, 2008

Stalinist Cult Blogs

While talking about the four types of advertising and marketing blogs yesterday, I mentioned that my least favorite type is what I call the Stalinist Cult blog.

These blogs are ostensibly written for the benefit of the reader, but are really written for the enrichment and glorification of the blogger.

They are easily identified by reading the 'comments' section. Most comments are from fawning sycophants that are overwhelmingly congratulatory and focus on the genius of The Blessed Leader and the brilliance of whatever it is he's currently hustling. Comment "moderation" (web-speak for censorship) is used to filter out criticism.

The comment section usually has an inner circle of indentured ass-kissers who never miss an opportunity to suck The Blessed One's dick (I think I've gotten myself into a mixed metaphor of the profane.)

Mostly it's a giant scam to sell The Blessed Leader's crap -- which is plastered all over the page -- to the suckers who are so proud of being part of "the conversation" they don't even know they're being hustled.

Amazingly, these are some of the most popular marketing blogs on the web.

Mixed Metaphor Of The Profane:
Would have made a nice title for a novel. Maybe Norman Mailer.

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