September 05, 2008

Not All Blogs Suck

Earlier this week, in Returning My Award, I was unable to come up with 5 bloggers I thought were funny. I still haven't.

It got me thinking about the kinds of blogs I read. Frankly, I don't read many advertising or marketing blogs. Mainly they're pedantic, gossipy, or poorly written.

The ones I do read generally fall into one of three categories:

1. Blogs that I learn from. An example is Seth's Blog. Although I don't always agree with Seth, his blog is well-written and I learn things. He has interesting theories of his own and, unlike most online gurus, he doesn't just regurgitate other people's ideas. Also in this category is The Toad Stool.

2. Blogs that are entertaining. A good example is Itty-Biz. Naomi's blog is not about something I'm interested in (online marketing from home) but she's so funny, entertaining and honest that I have to read it. She has that John Belushi/Chris Farley "commit-to-the-bit" mania.

3. Blogs that are well-written. An example is Ad Broad. It's a pleasure when you know you're in professional hands -- when you have confidence that the subject matter will be interesting; when you can never predict what the next post might be about.

See, I can be nice.

Oh, Yeah, There's One Other Type Of Blogger I Read...
Brilliant bloggers that mention TAC. Including, but not limited to: Dear Jane Sample, AdPulp, thegirlRiot, Timothy Coote, Fabio, James Hipkin, DeepTechDive, Sell Sell, FreedomPictures, Kelly, TowelsForEveryone, Giania, conversationagent, TalentImitates,GeniusSteals, The Denver Egotist, BrandStory, HervieAuPaysDesCommunicants, Sonia Simone, Gaffney, GetANewBrowser, FutureNow, Where's Spot?, Creative Spark, OnsiteWebDesign, Todd Albertson, The Client Side, Marblehead Blog, Accidental Branding, Cory Trefelletti. More about bloggers and blogging next week.

Special Thanks To:
Lorraine Thompson, Ross Graham, Dennis Collins for the nice notes.

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