May 18, 2009

"Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Plagiarism"

Here at Ad Contrarian global headquarters, our editorial board is delighted when other bloggers quote us, link to us, or reference us.

However, believe it or not, we work hard on this blog and don’t take kindly to it when people steal our stuff.

In October of 2008, a post appeared here called “Top 10 Bullshit Professions”. It was a semi-hilarious romp through the world of dubious occupations. It has proven to be one of our most popular posts.

Imagine our surprise recently when we came across a post on a blog called Innovation Playground dated March 17, 2009 entitled: "What's The Value Of Bullshit? What Are The Top Bullshit Professions?"

Reading through it, we couldn't help but notice some astounding similarities to our post of 5 months earlier:
Me: "...I used only one criterion in creating the list: Do they really know anything or are they just making shit up"
"The criterion in creating the list are based on: 1/ Do they really know anything?... 3/ Do they just making shit up?"

Me: "The Ad Contrarian Top 10 Bullshit Professions"
Him: "My view of the top 10 bullshit professions"

Me: "Financial Advisors: Monkeys throwing darts."
Him: "Investment Managers… Monkeys throwing darts…"

Me: "Career Counselors: If they knew anything they'd find themselves better jobs."
Him: "Organizational Change Consultants: If they knew anything they'd transformed themselves first."

Me: "Branding Consultants: Why didn't I think of this scam?"
Him: "Motivational Gurus: Why didn't I think of this scam?"

Me: "Psychotherapists: Practitioners of the world's most advanced form of pseudoscience".
"Psychotherapists: ...practitioners of the world's most advanced form of pseudoscience."
Here's a lesson for you, pal. It's a small web after all.

Bloggers: Has this happened to you? What have you done about it?

The Brilliant Oscar Levant...
is the author of the quote that entitles this post.

Slime Ball Update:
As of 8:20 am PDT, this "Innovation Playground" creep has taken all the negative comments he received this morning off his website and closed it to comments.

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