May 22, 2009

The Power Of Social Media

According to the New York Times, Starbuck's has...
..."1.5 million fans on Facebook and 183,000 followers on Twitter. On the Saturday before the presidential election, Starbucks sponsored a single 60-second television commercial on “Saturday Night Live” advertising a coffee giveaway on Election Day. Starbucks then posted the video online. By Tuesday, it was the fourth-most-viewed video on YouTube, and people were mentioning Starbucks on Twitter every eight seconds."
The result?
"Same-store sales were down 8 percent in the first three months of the year."
Are We Dead Yet?
I'm kinda missing the swine flu. Those people at the airport actually looked a lot better with masks on.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far
After reading TAC for a while, my college-age daughter wanted to know more about social advertising. I directed her to some social media blogs. Here's what she wrote to me:
"...after reading all those bullshit social media blogs and learning what they are trying to get me to do (talk to my friends about laundry detergent), and just listening to people who think that facebook is some god-send social revolution, i have decided to delete mine. if this is the future of socializing and media, count me out. i'd rather stick to human interaction..."
A Tweet Worth Reading
"If you're really worried about your 'branding,' try to stop thinking about life as a press release and just focus on making something " hotdogsladies

Science Fair Winners
Will be announced next week. You will learn:
1. Which are more effective -- branded pharmaceuticals or generics?
2. How viable is "social advertising?"
3. Do fancy cars make men more desirable to women?
4. Is it better to give customers a lot of choice or a little?

3 Things I'm Greatly Suspicious Of
Piety. Propriety. Sobriety.

Have A Nice Holiday
And remember, Memorial Day is for remembering the shit some brave people went through to give us what we've got.

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