May 11, 2009

Even Online Brands Prefer TV

Could it be that the press and ad agencies and consultants are all besotted with online advertising, but people whose businesses live or die on the effectiveness of their advertising are putting their chips on a different number?

And could it also be that even online marketers
are losing confidence in online advertising?

It seems that way. Apparently some online marketers have eschewed online advertising and decided that the best way to promote their online brand is on, gulp, television.

Yeah, old, dead, useless television. The stuff that no one pays any attention to anymore. The symbol of everything that's wrong with marketing.

These are online people and they're not relying on social media; they're not running banner ads; they're not counting on Twitter or Facebook.

They're running tv spots.

Are these people crazy? Don't they read the trades? Don't they know that the traditional stuff doesn't work anymore?

Don't they realize that the interruption model is dead? Don't they understand that they need permission to market to online users? Don't they get it that consumers want to have conversations with their brand?

Let's see what one of these pathetic fools has to say about all the money he's wasting on television and all the brilliant marketing strategists he hasn't hired.

Big thanks to Michael Gass and Jason Headley for this.

Hypocrisy Update...
I've tried Twitter a couple of times and thought it was useless and pathetic. However, I am often reminded by my readers that I am a narrow-minded, reactionary, old ferret. Consequently, I am going to suffer for my art and re-establish my Twitter account for a while. You can find me here.

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