May 19, 2009

Advertising Today: A Parody Of Itself

A few days ago, college teacher and fellow blogger Christopher (Kit) Simpson sent me a satirical piece he had written about something he made up called "the brand footprint."

The "brand footprint" was a concoction of marketing gibberish and double-talk Christopher invented to parody all the insufferable branding bullshit we have to contend with every day from phonies who can't think straight or talk in plain English.

Little did he know that the ad industry has become such a parody of itself that the "brand footprint" actually exists.

"I swear on Bibles, Korans, and (even more sacred) old Batman comics, not only did I just make up the term, I almost decided against it as being too over-the-top," says Christopher. But, of course, there is no bullshit too stinky for the contemporary world of brand babble.

"Never dawned on me to actually look it up online, but a friend just sent me a link..."
Prioritize your brand...

Brand Footprint utilizes sales, brand health and market data as the backbone, while the axis are based on the priorities for your brand. We aim to set business, social, brand and product performance benchmarks that are critical to the holistic performance of your brand.
No, that is not the parody, that is the real thing.

As Christopher says..."There is no way to satirize the 'new advertising.' "

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