May 07, 2009

Too Big For Our Own Good

Here at The Ad Contrarian global headquarters, we don't know what to make of this.

Yesterday we were ranked #145 in the Ad Age Power 150 marketing blogs listings. We're used to hovering around #637 or something.

Part of the fun of being a contrarian is being on the outside and throwing rocks through the window. But when you're in the "Power 150" do you lose your outsider status? Do you compromise your standing as a contrarian?

It's like the rebellious copywriter who gets promoted to creative director and all of a sudden has to behave himself.

On the other hand, we won't pretend we don't like being popular.

But maybe we're making too big a deal over this.

Most of the blogs on the Power 150 list are unreadable. They're about things like web analytics and search engine optimization and other stuff that makes your brains fall out.

Also, being number 145 isn't exactly like being the Queen of France or something. If you were at a ballgame and you wanted to hold up big foam fingers indicating "we're number 145", you'd have to grow another hand.

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