May 14, 2009

Leveraging The Brand

Now that The Ad Contrarian is a huge brand (yes, we spent almost a full day on the AdAge Power 150 just last week. Unfortunately, since then we've been dropping like a dead rat who swallowed a bowling ball) the board of directors here at Ad Contrarian global headquarters is convinced we need to monetize our brand.

We've got the TAC book and the TAC blog (together they have earned us a nifty little $0.00.) Now we're going to leverage the brand and take it into new channels where we expect to experience massive monetization.

Here are some of the line extensions we're thinking about:
  • Ad Contrarian Fragrance for Men
  • Old Acapulco-Style Ad Contrarian Margarita Mix
  • Ad Contrarian Lunch 'n Munch Snackin' Meats
  • Ad Contrarian Non-Greasy Styling Gel With Aloe
  • Ad Contrarian Luxury Retirement Townhomes and Condominiums
  • Ad Contrarian Bar Mix With Wasabe-Crusted Peas
  • Ad Contrarian E-Z Start Fireplace Logs
  • Your Very Own Ad Contrarian Action Figures (this collection would include all our regular commenters except Jimmy Cabral)
  • The Ad Contrarian's Mom's Organic Home-Style Frozen Meatloaf
  • Ad Contrarian 'Herni-Sta' Hernia Care Products
  • Ad Contrarian Asian-Style Dipping Sauces
I'm accepting investors.

Hypocrisy Update...
I've tried Twitter a couple of times and thought it was useless and pathetic. However, I am often reminded by my readers that I am a narrow-minded, reactionary, old ferret. Consequently, I am going to suffer for my art and re-establish my Twitter account for a while. You can find me here.

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