April 15, 2009

Someone's Gotta Do It

Lately this blog has managed to piss off just about everyone.

It pissed off account managers with this:
"I learned very early that my interpretation of the meeting was usually better than what was written up in the notes and the brief."
It pissed off creatives with this:
"Does this mean it’s impossible to create advertising that rises to the level of art? No. Every generation has a few people who can do that. But trust me on this one, it ain’t you."
It pissed off planners with this:
"I'm sick and tired of strategists. Can you please send me some people who can do shit, not talk about it."
It pissed off clients with this:
"Any agency person who's ever participated in a new business pitch has been asked this question: 'What is the process you use to develop advertising ideas?' Any agency person with an ounce of integrity has answered thusly: 'Schmuck, there is no process.'
It pissed off web evangelists with this:
"... the one thing I have absolutely never experienced in an online social environment is the one thing the social media marketing maniacs think we're doing -- having conversations about brands."
Yes, it's been a good few weeks.

My New Credo For Bloggers:
If you're not pissing someone off, you're not doing your job.

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