April 14, 2009

Ad Awards Are A Good Thing

I've been listening to all the arguments for and against advertising awards for a hundred years. Count my vote as a yes.

Here's why. Creative people get surprisingly little satisfaction from their work. If they can get some from an award, it's a good thing.

Nobody who has not worked in a creative department understands how hard it is or how much it takes out of you. No matter how good the final product is there is always someone you admire who hates it. You could create Hamlet and there will always be one smart person who thinks it stinks. In your mind, the opinion of the person who hates it always carries more weight than all the opinions of the people who like it.

I've judged ad awards and I know there's a lot of bullshit involved. I know the bad effect they can have on arrogant dicks.

I've won ad awards and I know how often they reward entertainment instead of effectiveness.

But I also think that more often than not they do reward good work and do motivate agencies to try harder.

Mostly, I think creative people deserve a little gratification.

I vote yes.

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