April 21, 2009

Dracula Visits The Blood Bank

Earlier this week I was invited to a conference to participate in a panel about social media. Bad casting, or what?

The good news is that the panelists were all smart and articulate and we kept the digi-babble to a minimum.

Panelists were all bloggers -- John January of American Copywriter, Kristin Gissaro of TalentMash, Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer, and Andy Gould of Small Agency Diary, who was the moderator.

I’m not sure we reached any earth-shaking conclusions about social media other than no one knows what the fuck they’re doing (okay, maybe someone does, but I sure don't) and social media is probably more like pr than advertising...

Life in the Age of Twitter

One night at the conference, eight of us were sitting at dinner. We didn't all know each other. A guy was explaining how he was following the tweets of one of the conference’s guest speakers, and how lame they were.

The tweeter was sitting at our table.

You can’t make this shit up...

The Sad State of the Ad Industry

The comment I heard most at the conference: “I am so sick of all this social media bullshit…”

But, sadly, people only said it to me in private, and in hushed tones.

The emperor's new medium.

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