April 07, 2009

I'm Tired Of Strategists

I'm sick and tired of strategists.

Can you please send me some people who can do shit, not talk about it.

Da Vinci didn't need a strategist. Neither did Newton. Or Einstein. Or Gershwin. Or Hitchcock. Or Riney, for that matter.

They just did brilliant things. They didn't need people chattering at them about what they should do or how they should do it. They just did it.

I'm tired of business strategists.
And marketing strategists.
And advertising strategists.
And media strategists
And web strategists.
And social media strategists.
And editorial strategists.
And content strategists.
And copy strategists.

I'm tired of people who know how to do everyone's job but their own, and agencies who know how to run everyone's business but their own.

This industry needs more doers. We have more than enough fucking chatterers.

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