April 03, 2009


I was raised in New York City where people are annoying but tough. Now I live in California where people are pleasant but insane.
OK, Maybe TV Is Dead
The New York Times reported yesterday that The Guiding Light has been canceled by CBS. The Guiding Light has been running continuously for 72 years. It started in 1937 on NBC radio and then moved to CBS TV in 1952.

The Tree Is Proud Of The Apple
hey dad,

after reading some of your blog posts, i decided to visit the twitter website, to see what it's all about [the people i know don't use it for the most part -- it's for old people and web geeks]. i found a bit of text on the site that i found comical. twitter claims it "puts you in control and becomes a modern antidote to information overload." the ANTIDOTE to information overload? more like the epitome of it!

The Future Of Advertising
I was reading George Parker's The Ubiquitous Persuaders (cheap-ass old fuck finally sent me a copy) and something he said sparked an idea. You know how everyone says "no one knows where the ad business is going?" Well, I may be kidding myself, but I think I know where it's going. A new book has been conceived. Thanks, George (by the way, he used to write radio episodes of The Guiding Light.)

Moderating The Immoderate
One of the unfortunate consequences of blogging success is that the more readers you get the more squids, spammers and imbeciles feel the need to comment.

Most bloggers either have some rules about the type of comments they will accept or they "moderate" (blogger code word for censor) comments before they post them. I have had no policy about this but I'm afraid I soon will.

As you can tell from this blog, I'm hardly a prude and I actually enjoy sparring when smart people disagree with me. However, we really don't need to put up with abusive cretins.

If I start "moderating", please don't let that keep you from commenting. Especially if you agree with me.

Nice People Saying Nice Things About The Ad Contrarian Book
You say what we all say when we're together in a room and the doors are shut: total common sense.

Then we open the doors and walk out and slot straight back into our ''Omigod what if clients or the press heard what we just said?" voices.

Then we all talk publicly exactly the same crap we railed against in private.

Thanks for restoring a bit of my sanity.
... I wanted to email and thank you for the book which I have just put down. It was like reading some of my own thoughts over the last few years and a whole bunch of useful new thoughts that had not occurred to me.

The book is everything advertising itself should be; relevant, pragmatic, iconoclastic and passionate...

I used to just get our clients to read "Eating The Big Fish" by Adam Morgan, I will be emailing your book to a bunch of clients this evening.

Would you be interested in coming to Ireland and giving a talk to the industry over here?
Robert Coyle

...I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved reading the Ad Contrarian. It was refreshing, poignant and in my opinion, spot on.
Miles McIlhargie

I just read “The Ad Contrarian” book over lunch. Loved it...
Matthew A. Filippi

You can download it free here.

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