April 24, 2009

Across The Twitterverse

I checked today to find out what's being said about this blog in the merry old land of Twitter. Here's a sampling:
  • "Ad Contrarian = occasional smart thinking awash with a hatred for the universe." Not true. It's only the inhabitants of one little planet I don't particularly care for. The rest of the universe is awesome.
  • "Love the Ad Contrarian even though he hates everything I love."
  • "The only thing Ad Contrarian isnt sick of is sound of his own voice." Wrong. I'm sick of that, too.
  • "The Ad Contrarian book is a great read." I love this guy.
  • "Q for Brits: Ad Contrarian, a US blog, hugely popular w/ Brits who love "TV is king/SM is a fad" Luddite message. Why?" My apologies to the god Social Media.
  • "Enjoying the ad contrarian - sometimes nothing more useful than being told you're full of shit."
  • "A must-read from the Ad Contrarian - who would, I'd venture, hate to think people were tweeting about this." As long as you're tweeting about TAC, you're okay with me.
  • "Ad Contrarian hates Facebook... What a wanker." Tweeting about Facebook. The newest activity among intellectuals.
  • Read this guy: The Ad Contrarian. Ace *thumbs up*
  • "Ad Contrarian has the blog version of chicken soup for the advertising soul." Mom, is that you?
  • "I sing a song of praise for The Ad Contrarian. Hear it, and then download his excellent new book" Very poetic, my friend.
  • "Reading the Ad Contrarian e-book http://is.gd/o961 (expand) brilliant, partly b/c he dares state the obvious." I think that's a compliment.
To read lots more Twittering about TAC, go here.

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