February 04, 2009

I Watched The Wrong Super Bowl

I must have watched the wrong Super Bowl.

The one I watched had all the usual Super Bowl advertising stuff:
  • Dancing Aliens
  • Lovable Insects
  • Cars Screeching and Crashing
  • People Flying Out Of Windows
  • Really Big Explosions
  • Women With Very Large Breasts
  • Movie Trailers about Dancing Aliens, Lovable Insects, Cars Screeching and Crashing, People Flying Out of Windows, Really Big Explosions and Women With Very Large Breasts
  • Men Getting Hit In The Nuts With Stuff
  • Talking Babies
  • People Famous For Almost Nothing Endorsing Products Good For Almost Nothing
  • And, of course, Monkeys
Now here's the confusing part.

According the The Wall Street Journal from last Friday, this year was going to be completely different.

In an article entitled "Super Bowl Ads Try Hard-Sell" we were assured that this year's crop of commercials was going to "offer a stark contrast" to the usual Super Bowl silliness.

As a matter of fact we were told ..."This Year's Pitches Cry Out 'Buy Me'."

Just my luck to spend all day watching the wrong game.

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