February 17, 2009

6 Thoughts About Twitter

Thought #1:
Last week in New York City there was something called Twestival -- "fun people who are passionate about social media and changing the world." (Think I'm kidding? Check it out.)

It was a gathering of Twitter maniacs who got together to celebrate...what? Sending stupid little messages to people they don't know? Oh, and saving the world.

Apparently, many of the people at Twestival didn't have the social skills to say "hello" and instead communicated with each other at the event via Twitter. Which they could have done equally well by not going to Twestival.

The organizers claim there were over 150 Twestivals all over the country. Which, if you ask me, is a compelling argument for not traveling. I'm betting the bulk of them took place at a table at Starbucks.

Thought #2:
Social media are inherently anti-social.

Or, more precisely, they are telesocial. The prefix 'tele' means 'happening at a distance' -- as in television, telegram, telecommunications. Social media are pseudo-personal interactions happening at a distance.

What could be more anti-social than people forgoing face-to-face interaction in favor of electronic communication with other people who are at the same gathering?

Thought #3:
Two bloggers I admire, the wonderful AdBroad and the brilliant Alan Wolk, were at Twestival. I give them both passes.

AdBroad was there to get an award. Shit, I'd go to the Grammies to get an award. Okay, maybe not the the Grammies, but the Oscars. I'm sure Wolk was there for research. He's an expert on this stuff and he needs to know what these maniacs are up to.

Thought #4:
I spent the Christmas holiday skiing with my daughter and some of her ultra-hip, ultra-tech-savvy college friends. Not one of them had even heard of Twitter. I can't help but believe that Twitter is strictly for the middle-aged and the prematurely middle aged.

Thought #5:
From Twitter founder, Biz Stone in New York magazine:
“Twitter is not about the triumph of technology. It’s about the triumph of the human spirit.”
Give me a fucking break.

Thought #6:
I stick by my initial impression of Twitter: It's how the narcissistic keep in touch with the feckless.

Okay, One Good Thing About Twitter
When someone writes about Twitter all the Twitter maniacs Tweet or Twit or Twat (or whatever the hell they call it) each other, which results in lots of visits to my blog and lots of snarky comments. I love you guys. Now subscribe.

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