February 02, 2009

Explosions, Monsters, Crashes, Aliens

Random notes on the Super Bowl:
  • Please Give It Up Already: Drinkability
  • Best Names: #1: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie; #2: Clancy Pendergast
  • Best Score (Of The Musical Kind): Coke insects spot
  • Biggest, Dumbest Spot: Audi
  • Same Fantasy Idea Twice In A Row: Doritos & Go Daddy
  • One Star, One Joke, No Idea: LeBron James/State Farm; Conan O'Brien/Bud
  • The "Someone's Got To Use Monkeys" Award: Castrol
  • Fun Couple: Bob Dylan & Will.I.Am
  • Cringe Factor: Ed McMahon
  • Mean Joe Green Update: Must have sounded good in the conference room
  • Only Reason To Use Sprint: If Roadies Ran The World
  • Only Spot That Will Motivate Me To Do Something: Free Grand Slam Breakfast. I am so there.
  • Spot That No One Will Talk About But Will Be Effective: Avon
  • Really Bad Spot That People Will Like: Sobe
  • Really Funny Till The Last 3 Seconds: Hulu. Did I miss something?
  • Liked It In Spite Of Explosion: MacGruber
  • Every Kid Will Want To See: Up
  • Two Imbecilic Spots In A Row: Bud Light Lime; Go Daddy "Enhanced"
  • Their Last Super Bowl Gasp: Budweiser
  • Whatever Happened To: Simplicity
  • As Usual: Production was far superior to concepts
  • The Game: A
  • The Spots: C+
  • The Boss: A

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