February 22, 2009

The Envelope Please

Last week we held a survey on the following subject: Which dead people, if alive today, would be Twitterers?

The brilliant readers of The Ad Contrarian have decided that among 20 famous dead people the one least likely to have had a Twitter account is Eleanor Roosevelt. Most likely was Andy Warhol, followed closely by Marilyn Monroe.
Would this person have had a Twitter account?

Andy Warhol --------- 73%
Marilyn Monroe ------71%
Princess Di ------------61%
John Belushi ----------56%
Hitler------------------ 50%
Elvis ------------------ 46%
Cleopatra -------------45%
JFK --------------------45%
Lenny Bruce ----------38%
Kurt Cobain---------- 35%
Freud ------------------34%
Karl Marx -------------31%
Joan of Arc ------------29%
Billie Holiday ---------27%
Marcel Proust -------- 24%
Einstein ---------------20%
Jackie Robinson -----19%
Churchill ------------- 18%
Gandhi ----------------18%
Eleanor Roosevelt ---10%
TAC Predicts:
The lamest Academy Awards show ever tonight. And that's not easy. Thank goodness I'll be on an airplane.

Always Remember:
What is the aptitude these people are being glorified for? Pretending. They're good at pretending.

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