April 18, 2008

Times Change. Principles Don't.

Every marketing genius in America is telling us that consumers have become resistant to marketing and advertising, right?

Tell that to Apple and Toyota.

Here’s what consumers have become resistant to: generic, undifferentiated products supported by smug, benefit-free advertising.

We do not have a new breed of humans. What we have is a new breed of marketing people.

This new breed has forgotten that the purpose of advertising is to sell something. It's not "branding"; it's not to enter into a "cultural conversation"; it's not any of the baloney being peddled by effete marketing aristocrats.

Marketing has one purpose only -- to sell someone something.

Times change, but principles don't.

Why There Are So Many Duds Coming Out Of Business School:
Knowing all the rules of baseball doesn't make you a player. It makes you an umpire.

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