April 01, 2008

Gutless Wonders and Bad-Ass Bedwetters

I have spent some time recently reading advertising blogs. For the most part they're a depressing lot. The bloggers tend to fall into two categories:

1. Gutless wonders
2. Bad-ass bedwetters

The "gutless wonders" are the most depressing. They are bullies who anonymously attack other people and their work, but don't have the balls to state their own names or show their own work.

The "bad-ass bedwetters" are ad people who are having trouble cutting it and, ergo, hate the ad business. Also anonymous, they present themselves as anarchic, hard-living rebels. My guess is they are mostly suburban mediocrities masquerading as hard cases. They demonstrate their bad-ass credentials just like 8th graders -- by using lots of naughty words.

The "bad-ass bedwetters" tend to be better writers and are often funny. The "gutless wonders" are simply malevolent and pathetic.

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