August 31, 2009

More Social Media Baloney

Last month, in a post called "Zealots, Maniacs, And Hustlers," I said,

..."we've developed a reputation for being anti-digital media and pro-traditional media.

We are neither.

We have no personal interest in, or allegiance to, any medium.

Our only purpose is to fight bullshit, hyperbole and words without meaning. We are against zealots, maniacs and hustlers of any stripe."
There is, perhaps, no area of marketing more full of hype and bullshit than social media.

Last week, a video popular with social media maniacs exploded in their faces. The video called "Social Media Revolution" was produced by someone or something called Socialnomics. net, and was apparently a thinly-disguised promotional device for a book he/they have written.

Regular readers of TAC may have seen the video because one of our commenters posted a link to it in our comments section. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

The video is apparently so full of piracy, errors, and misleading statements that even a self-described "social media evangelist" by the name of Robert Cole, who thankfully has some integrity, has taken it apart.

If you really want to puke, read the smarmy replies from the creator of the video to commenters on his blog who point out his errors -- and from the knuckleheads who think this guy's sloppy work is just fine.

Thanks to Malachy Walsh for the heads-up on this.

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