January 02, 2015

How To Be Happier In 2015

Seven things you can do in 2015 that I guarantee will make you happier:
1. Clean all the shit out of your closet
2. Never read a newspaper
3. Wear warm socks
4. Don't pile all kinds of crap on your pizza
5. Take a dog for a walk
6. Turn off the fucking television
7. Go somewhere and dance
No charge


Darrin Joy said...

All great advice. Well, maybe not the dance thing.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

I did a list. It's more mundane than yours...really mundane. However, I am going to try to follow it. I need something to motivate/remind me. Even if I achieve one thing it will be a success.

P.S. I already cleaned the shit out of my closet and I don't like pizza.

Ray said...

1. My closets are for storing shit. Keeps the house looking neat.
2. I read the news online but only try to read the good news if there is.
3. I live in Florida. Mostly bare feet and sandals.
4. Pepperoni and/or sausage and that's it. Onions, peppers, mushrooms is for salad.
5. No dogs.
6. Rarely watch TV.
7. I dance.

charliesaidthat said...

Nailed it.

Although I quite like a lotta things on my pizza though.

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