January 12, 2015

A Year With No Goals

How about having no goals this year?

How about just enjoying the year and letting it take you wherever the hell it pleases?

How about working hard because it's fun, not because it's advantageous?

How about forgetting your ambitions for a year?

How about not caring what people think?

How about not believing experts this year?

How about doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing?

How about re-thinking everything you learned in business school, everything you read in business publications, and everything you think you know about your job?

How about doing things your way?

How about ignoring big shots?

How about appreciating a few more things?

How about doing one thing at a time?

How about rejecting the fashionable ideas of unhappy people?

How about being quieter, smaller, calmer, and sunnier?

How about not worrying about your status?

How about enjoying your life?

You may find that having no strategy is the best strategy of all.


Yuro said...

I agree

Jim said...

I reckon someone has recently retired?

Randy Kershner said...

How about three cheers for an excellent gameplan for a more rewarding year? Thanks for great food for thought, as always.

Cecil B. DeMille said...

How about we exit our industry shitstorm, proceed sedately to the local 7-11, have a Dr. Pepper and enjoy watching it burn.

bob hoffman said...

I'm in.

Tim said...

I smell the mother of all internet memes coming...

Annie Pettit said...

Absolutely perfect. I strive for many of these things, sometimes successfully often not. But it's well worth the effort. :)

Nicole/TheMadlabPost said...

Between New Year's Eve and the first week of January 2015, I considered whether having no strategy could be the best strategy for how my time, energy and resources are spent going forward. I identify with most of the questions you present here and think your idea of "rejecting the fashionable ideas of unhappy people" is beneficial for those of us who seek a year without stress, hassles and feelings of being unfulfilled. Thanks for writing this.