April 25, 2012

It Didn't Take Long

 On August 29, upon the retirement of Steve Jobs from his role as CEO of Apple, I wrote...
"...one of the first indications of whether Apple is capable of continuing its explosion of creative energy without Jobs at the helm may be found in its advertising. The product pipeline will take years to screw up. But the ad pipeline can be screwed up in no time...
About a year from now...the knuckleheads at Apple (there are knuckleheads everywhere) will have a chance to get their sweaty hands on the advertising...
Advertising will be an early indicator of whether people without vision and taste are moving in at Apple. It will be interesting to watch."
Well, it didn't take long. If you've seen the new Apple spots with Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel you know what I mean. They're not terrible. They're just not Apple.

They look like an idea that a committee could easily agree on.

You always knew an Apple spot when you saw one. These things are from a different land. They have the "almost-funny" quality of something from Microsoft or Taco Bell.

In advertising, a lot of the good stuff has been done at the direction of amateur savants -- like Jobs. There has never been a great creative visionary with an MBA (okay, I'm making that up, but I'll bet it's right.)

It smells to me like "marketing professionals" are taking over at Apple. That means processes will be introduced and rules will be followed. And celebrities will be handsomely paid.

Here's a likely scenario.

Unless Apple gives advertising oversight to someone with vision, the work will continue to wobble. Of course, the agency will take the blame. You will hear rumblings.

By the way, there is nothing less funny than something that is "almost-funny."

Yesterday, Apple reported huge growth in iPhone sales and profit for the quarter. Advertising isn't everything.

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Unknown said...

Good call.

I had wanted to mention this to you as I saw it myself. To be frank I think Apple has been becoming more like a typical Silicon Valley company on the engineering side fir a few years. Obviously the marketing side is the last domino.

Look out belowwwww...