April 20, 2012

10 Things I Learned This Week

Since it's Friday and for some reason people don't read blogs on Friday, I thought I'd just make a list of 10 things I learned this week.

1. From Steve Harrison's book Changing The World Is The Only Fit Work For A Grown Man: legendary adman Howard Gossage never had more than 13 people in his agency.

2. People in their 20's "change" media 27 times an hour.

3. There was an unconfirmed report out of Chicago this week that someone was seen using a QR code.

4. We have a new type of humanoid in the ad world who is essentially a walking-talking briefing document. The head marketing whiz at AT&T wants us to think..."that AT&T is an emotional lifestyle brand that lets you live your life more expansively and brings you new experiences and new value." What planet do these meatballs come from?

5. Advertising used to be known as an industry that knew how to party. Today if you want to party, you have to work for the feds.

6. Which reminds me, mind readers apparently make $3,200 a pop. At least the ones who advise our hard working public servants.

7. Science Update: Rats that are not on drugs prefer listening to Beethoven as opposed to Miles Davis. But rats that are high (specifically on cocaine) prefer Miles to Ludwig.

8. Facebook page views are down 54 percent since August 2010. Average stay on a Facebook page is down 35 percent since January 2011.

9. Never stiff a Colombian hooker.

10. Good News. In Australia, if you're supposed to be working but you are having sex in a motel room, and you are "going hard," and your exertions cause a light fixture to come flying off the wall and hit you, and you are injured, you are entitled to workman's comp.

Have a good weekend.

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