April 16, 2012

Advertising's 10 Best Kept Secrets

In an attempt to restore some perspective to the overblown claims about online advertising and social media, a few years ago I produced a list called The Top 10 Double-Secret Unknown Facts About Advertising.

I have updated it and the Fine Arts Committee here at The Ad Contrarian has made a little movie out of it.

Feel free to spread it around. (This video is now posted on YouTube here.)

Sources, in order:
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10. Wistia, March 15, 2012 

To all the web zealots who are going to flood me with hysterical emails and comments about the accuracy of this data, this is not my data. It comes from third parties who are respectable and reliable. I have annotated or provided links above. If you don't like their data, that's fine. Please write to them, not me.

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morris1030 said...

Just downloaded a few pages, but will finish on Kindle. No question the point raised about confusion because of new modes of communication is the main point. I'm looking forward to reading what seems like a great book.

Maybe when I'm through reading it I'll have a better understanding as to why advertising has become so consistently tasteless,crass,and beside the point.

Thanks for this look at the book. Especially Chapter 11.