October 07, 2008

Odds, Ends and Beyond and More.

Top 5 Bullshit Marketing Terms Of 2008
5. Ideation
4. Authenticity
3. Megabrand
2. Conversation
1. Narrative

Top 7 Nothings Whose Names Made Them Something
7. Joba Chamberlain
6. Carrot Top
4. Cheech
3. Chong
2. Regis Philbin
2. Wavy Gravy
1. Whoopi Goldberg

So Who Asked You To Look?
Headline from Yahoo News: "Dim But Visible: Seeking Out Uranus"

Most Difficult Word For Republicans To Pronounce:

Why I Love Las Vegas:
There's nothing hotter than a fat 60-year old in a tank top

Memo To Art Directors and Social Media Maniacs:
From Alan Wolk: "There's a silly belief out there now that the more you can hide the fact that you're advertising something, the more consumers will like you."

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Sell! Sell! for the incredibly nice words about this blog, and The Daily (Ad) Biz for including us in their top 25 advertising blogs.

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