October 31, 2008

Son of Friday Filler

Last week I started something called "Friday Filler" in which I threw a few odds and ends together. People seemed to like it so I'm going to continue it. Actually, I really don't give a shit if people liked it, writing 5 posts a week is too damn hard.

This Could Cost Him Votes In Berkeley.

Reinventing Iconic Bullshit:

Last week, McKinney in Raleigh N.C, won the Sherwin-Williams account. From Adweek:
McKinney president Jeff Jones said that agency and client would now "work to reinvent this truly iconic American brand for future growth and prove its expertise in the marketplace.
Are there any brands left that aren't "iconic?"

And if it's so ifuckingconic, why does it need to be "reinvented?"

And how does a brand have "expertise in the marketplace?" I thought humans had expertise. Although, apparently not in language.

Hey, Jeff, you're in the fucking communication business, okay?

Sarah Silverman:
I can't wait for this election to be over so people will stop sending me "The Big Schlep." If I wanted unfunny video I'd get a DVD of Whoopi Goldberg.

Note to Sarah: No matter how noble the cause, pedantic is never funny.

It's Just A Coincidence, Right?
We know all news organizations are unbiased (they promised!) and all polling is scientific (they said so!)

So it's just a wacky coincidence that in this morning's polls the most liberal, CBS/NYTimes, has Obama up by the widest margin (+11) and the most conservative, FOXNews, has him up by the smallest margin (+3).

The difference? A mere 367%.

From CBS/NYTimes: "With less than one week until Election Day, Barack Obama maintains a clear lead over John McCain..."

From FOXNews: "The race for the White House has tightened significantly..."

Just a wacky coincidence, right? Yeah, right.

Is the worst month of the year and Halloween is the worst day of the year. Good fucking riddance.

Next Week:
It's going to be "Recession Week" here at TAC. Five days of advice and opinions about advertising and marketing while the world comes crashing down around us...talk about your fun! It's even got its own logo, just like on cable! Why am I using so many fucking exclamation marks?!

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