October 09, 2008

The Web: TV With Its Hat On Backwards

From Ad Age, Tuesday:
"Until now, online viewers have been able to watch TV with one substantial perk: fewer ads than if they watched the same show on TV...

But that will soon change. The networks and distributors putting TV online are facing some tough economics...

And that's forcing sites to consider breaking what has been a de facto rule in web video, that viewers only get one ad per break..."
More and more the web is looking like television.

Everything is sponsored. Everything has ads. You want to see some video content? It's going to have commercials attached.

As soon as the web has enough bandwidth, it will have "channels" and "channels" will have "shows" and "shows" will have "sponsors." Of course, there'll be a different name for everything, but that won't change what it is.

I'm starting to get the feeling that the web's killer app is television.

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