January 11, 2008

Who's In Charge of the Bagel?

In a recent post (Web Films vs Bagels) I whined that an expensive internet program Ritz-Carlton was embarking on was less likely to be effective in building their brand than serving me a fresh bagel.
Guest blogger Roger Lewis has some thoughts.

The issue for Ritz is who is authorized to make a decision about product and service that affects brand image. Specifically, who could have made the decision that Bob H. does not get a stale bagel? Is it the waiter, the chef, the food service manager? Is there a process to make sure they don't serve stale bagels? ( I doubt it.) These issues are important for all organizations but top management probably does not think about brand execution at all levels of the company. They should.

Top management needs to spend more time involved in issues pertaining to marketing. Sitting back and demanding proof of its effectiveness is not enough.

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