January 06, 2008

Words And Pictures

Here's how to tell that the media have fallen in love with Barack Obama. It's in the photos.

In the past few days, worshipful pictures of Obama have appeared on the front page of The New York Times and Newsweek. Yesterday a huge, beautiful Norman Rockwell-like picture appeared on the front page of the Times. It was Obama reaching out for the hands of beatific supporters. An American flag is draped in the background. The story was headlined, "Daring To Believe, Blacks Savor Obama Victory." The photo had nothing to do with the story. In fact, there wasn't a black face in the crowd.

Newsweek also has an emotional picture of Obama on its cover.

Meanwhile, photos of Hillary have already started to turn frumpy and grumpy. If she loses in New Hampshire, watch the photos get really ugly.

For the past few years the media have been bombarded with criticism of playing favorites. They have become more circumspect in their cheer leading and rarely do it with words anymore. But it's always been the photo editors who've sent us the signals on who we are supposed to like. They're just as good at it now as ever.


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