August 15, 2007

Amazing data from TiVo

If TiVo is teaching us nothing else, it's teaching us that all the noise agencies make about "rewarding" viewers is just the same old baloney. Agencies secretly would rather be in the entertainment business (hey, so would I) and they are always looking for a reason to re-define advertising as entertainment, thus the talk about "rewarding" viewers.

Data from TiVo-ers, however, is telling quite a different story.

From Ad Age, August 15, 2007

"In June, as in previous months, many of the least-fast-forwarded brand campaigns continued to hail from the far ends of Madison Avenue's creative range... Among the campaigns TiVo said were least-fast-forwarded were ads from Cort furniture rentals, Hooters restaurant and Tax-Masters.

...Looking solely at broadcast networks during prime time, the least-fast-forwarded campaign for the month of June was a direct-response ad for Bowflex exercise equipment..."

So all the least-skipped spots were either retailers or direct marketers. Having not seen these spots, I am guessing that they wouldn't rank very high on creativity. Imagine if we could apply the creativity of brand advertising with the down-to-earth product focus of retail and DR advertising?

By the way, can't wait to see how the brand babblers and the account planning crowd are going to spin this data.

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Anonymous said...

The bowflex ad doesn't surprise me. The visuals are pretty good. A guy and a girl in great shape working out on a Bowflex machine. Beats seeing a mac and cheese ad.