August 27, 2007

Dr. A's Get-Happy Diet

Last week, Dr. Adcontrarian explained (uh...declared, proclaimed, popped-off?) about how unprotected media exposure makes us unfortunate ad people unhappy.

Today I unveil Dr. A's Get-Happy Diet. The good part is, you can eat all you want. The bad part is, you're going to drop out of pop culture for a few weeks. It will not only make you happier, it will make you realize how addicted you are to anxiety and stress. Here are the rules:

1. Almost no TV. The only viewing allowed is baseball games and those past-their-sell-by-date rock band concerts on PBS. Okay, you can also check the Weather Channel.
2. Almost no movies. Juvenile comedies only.
3. Almost no newspapers. You can read the sports section, skim the business section, and do the Sudoku. No front page, no international news, no national or local news.
4. No magazines at all.
5. No websites with news or pop culture.
6. No news or talk radio.

What are you going to do? You are going to relax, maybe read a book or two, maybe enjoy longer dinners, have an extra glass of wine, spend time with your friends... in other words, it's gonna be hell.

But you're going to come out of it happier, less tense, and less anxious.

Now the important part. We still have a few openings for on-line guides (sounds so much better than guinea pigs.). Your only commitment is to follow the diet for 2 weeks and send us a few lines each day about how you're doing. If you're shy or wanted by the feds for interstate dog-fighting, you can be anonymous. Send an email to, or press "Comments" below and we'll set you up.

We start on Friday.


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