August 21, 2007

Quickies, III

* Not sure it's the worst commercial of all time, but it's pretty damn close. Doc Pomus must be spinning. How come the Black guy is the only one who looks embarrassed? Your comments, please.

* Nonetheless, TAC is not “media neutral”. TAC believes the :30 second spot is still the most powerful marketing tool ever invented. Yeah, I know. I don’t get it.

* Please someone tell me one internet ad you can remember seeing this week.

* If you don’t remember the excesses of the “new economy” you deserve what you’re going to get from excessive credulity about “new media”.

* And, by the way, now that the “upfront” is concluded for 2008 and the tv networks increased their take by almost 5%, where are all the geniuses who were predicting its demise a few months ago?

* Retailers have learned a lot about advertising from manufacturers. Manufacturers have learned nothing from retailers.

* The Law of Unexpected Consequences lives -- From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 07/19/07: The more exposure middle school students have to anti-smoking ads, the more likely they are to smoke, according to a new University of Georgia study.

* When your kid complains that she’s the only one of her friends with a curfew, tell her this: In the entire history of mankind nothing good ever happened to a teenager after midnight. What does this have to do with advertising? Nothing. TAC is a full-service know-it-all.


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