August 03, 2007

Barry Bonds

Before Barry Bonds ties Hank Aaron this week, he has a chance to redeem himself and his legacy in the eyes of baseball fans. When he hits his 755th home run, he should issue the following statement:

"Today I had the great privilege of tying the most famous record in sports. Having done so, I am announcing my immediate retirement.

While it would be a great honor to hold the all-time home run record, it would be a hollow reward. Baseball is too important, and this record is too precious, to have it tainted by controversy.

As a man who has loved the game of baseball from childhood, who has had the good fortune to grow up around legends like Bobby Bonds and Willie Mays, I feel it is incumbent on me to put the game first.

To the wonderful fans who have been supporting and rooting for me, I know you may be disappointed. I think in the fullness of time you will understand the value of what I'm doing."

Bonds would go out a hero instead of a vilified usurper of baseball's most important record. He would also substantially mitigate the legal and character questions he's facing. The chances of Bonds doing something like this: Zero. Too much ego, too much arrogance.

What does this have to do with advertising? Nothing. One of the few benefits of being a contrarian -- we do whatever the hell we want.



Anonymous said...

If it weren't for the holier-than-thou media and know-it-all bloggers like you, baseball fans might actually be able to enjoy Bonds reaching this milestone. Despite the controversy and the allegations, hitting 755 homeruns is still a great accomplishment. Let us and Bonds enjoy the moment for 30 seconds, will ya? Also, you're some kind of "contrarian" all right, singing the same song as every sports analyst in the world. When does the "contrarian" part come in?


Allegations? Allegations don't make your head a size 12.