February 08, 2010

The Obligatory Super Bowl Post

It's Super Bowl Monday.  The day when every half-wit in America gets to play creative director -- including bloggers.

In order to keep my contrarian credentials, I'm not going to talk about the advertising.

Okay, maybe just a little.

A few observations.
  • When does John Madden get back?
  • Loved Sean Payton's guts 
  • Carrie Underwood missed the note on "...brave" by about 30 yards
  • The Who? Really? Glad to see the old formula still holding up -- the bigger the laser show, the worse the music.
  • The only spot that made me laugh out loud took 25 minutes to shoot and consists of three people sitting on a sofa -- Letterman, Winfrey, Leno.
  • GoDaddy continued its run of alarming witlessness.
  • Looks like another good year at the movies for morons. 
  • US Census advertising -- the biggest waste of your tax money since... I don't know, the AIG bailout?
  • The least expensive spot on the Super Bowl and a good one -- Google. 
  • Denny's Free Grand Slam Breakfast -- terrific use of Super Bowl.
  • The animation on the baby's lips in the eTrade spots has definitely improved.
  • That Tim Tebow thing broke one of my cardinal rules -- no spots with athlete's mothers
  • Huh? -- Bridgestone, Kia, Emerald Nuts + Pop Secret, BoostMobile, Doritos, Monster
  • Dove for Men? -- Wrong
  • Long run for short slide -- CarsDotCom 
  • Betty White -- Still funny after all these years
  • Dodge Charger -- Politically dangerous. I liked it
  • Coke (Simpsons) -- nice
  • Clydesdales -- The final thud? 
  • Taco Bell (Barkley) & Dr Pepper (Kiss) -- Oy 
  • Is the talking animal thing finally over?
  • But seriously, when does John Madden get back?

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