December 02, 2009

10 Ideas For Transforming Advertising

Yesterday, we received the following email from the head of the 4A's.
Are You A Transformer?
Dear Bob,
Like you, I’m tired of hearing from the same industry thought leaders talking about the same so-called thought-leading things at industry conferences. What I really want is to hear from you: If you had just five minutes in front of the entire advertising community, what would you say about transforming advertising as we know it?

I’ve started a new program called 4A’s Transformers, and we’ve just opened up our call for entries for anyone—inside or outside advertising—to share his or her transformational idea about advertising. For winning Transformers, we’ll give you five minutes on the conference mainstage at Transformation 2010, our annual meeting, which will be held February 28 through March 3, 2010, at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. I’ll pick up the tab for your travel and hotel stay at the conference (roundtrip coach airfare and one-night at the Hilton). All you need to do is dazzle me (and the 4A’s Board of Directors) with your brilliant idea for transforming advertising.

Deadline for entries is Tuesday, January 12, 2010. Click here for contest details.

You’ve been blogging or twittering about what you’d do if you were in charge for years. Now’s your chance! What are you waiting for?

Here at Ad Contrarian global headquarters, we always welcome a challenge. So here we go...

10 Ideas For Transforming Advertising

1. No cranberry bagels at meetings. No exceptions.

2. While on duty, copywriters required to wear those Norwegian knit hats with the funny earflaps.

3. Reinstatement of the three martini lunch. After a 6-month trial period, optional upgrade to four.

4. Confiscate all computers and baseball caps from art directors.

5. Use of the following terms considered justifiable cause for termination: ecosystem, conversation, engagement, branding, quirky, landscape, seared ahi tuna and dashboard.

6. When making presentations, account planners must dress up as pirates and hop around on one foot.

7. Breakthrough idea for tv spots: Animals that talk!

8. Criminalize all products containing pomegranates or acai berries.

9.  Increase touch points from 360 degrees to 380 degrees.

10. Require Sir Martin Sorrell to walk around with his weenie out.

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